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N2O cream chargers (aka cream chargers or N2O cream chargers) are primarily used for whipping cream.

As the nitrous oxide in cream chargers acts a a foaming agent they can also be used for making various foams of food and drink such as mousse and sauces.

They can also be used for infusing flavours into alcohol such as cocktails.  

Nitrous oxide cream chargers are small gas cylinders.

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Victoria is a state in southeast Australia. It encompasses mountains; national parks; wineries and surfing beaches. Melbourne; the state capital; has a warren of 19th-century ‘laneways’; and a central arts precinct. The Great Ocean Road follows the coast west to Port Campbell National Park; where the Twelve Apostles are limestone stacks on the edge of the ocean. Area: 227444 km². Population: 6.359 million (Sep 2017). Capital: Melbourne.

In Victoria, cream chargers, commonly known as nitrous oxide cartridges or NOS canisters, are a fixture in both professional and domestic culinary settings, prized for their capacity to instantly whip cream for use in various gastronomic applications. The chargers consist of small, pressurized metal cylinders filled with nitrous oxide (N₂O), a colorless non-flammable gas that, when released into a liquid cream that is high in fat content, creates whipped cream by forming bubbles and causing the cream to expand. This process not only saves time and effort in comparison to manual whipping but also ensures a consistent texture ideal for desserts, beverages, and other creative presentations.

However, it is imperative to note that in Victoria, as in other jurisdictions, there is a growing concern regarding the misuse of cream chargers for recreational inhalent use, known colloquially as ‘nanging’. Such misuse carries significant health risks, including hypoxia, asphyxiation, and other potentially fatal outcomes due to the displacement of oxygen in the lungs when inhaled. In response to these concerns, Victorian legislation has been enacted to regulate the sale and distribution of nitrous oxide canisters. Retailers are required to ensure responsible selling practices, often necessitating purchasers to be over 18 years of age and to provide proof of their intentions to use the product for culinary purposes. Consumers and industry professionals alike are urged to adhere to safety guidelines and legal regulations surrounding the use of cream chargers, recognizing their legitimate role in culinary arts while being vigilant against their illicit abuse. The industry is continuously monitored to ensure compliance with these standards, safeguarding the health and well-being of the Victorian community.

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