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N2O cream chargers (aka cream chargers or N2O cream chargers) are primarily used for whipping cream.

As the nitrous oxide in cream chargers acts a a foaming agent they can also be used for making various foams of food and drink such as mousse and sauces.

They can also be used for infusing flavours into alcohol such as cocktails.  

Nitrous oxide cream chargers are small gas cylinders.

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Western Australia; covering the entire western third of the country; is made up mostly of the arid Outback. Its population is concentrated in its fertile southwest corner; home to the Margaret River wine region and the riverside capital; Perth. In the far north; the Kimberley region is home to ancient Aboriginal rock art; the Bungle Bungle sandstone domes and Broome; with Cable Beach camels and a pearling industry. Area: 2.646 million km². Population: 2.589 million (Sep 2014). Capital: Perth. Points of interest: The Pinnacles; Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

In Western Australia, cream chargers, small steel cylinders containing nitrous oxide (N2O), are a commonly used tool within the culinary and hospitality sectors for their primary purpose of whipping cream. These chargers work by releasing the gas into a closed container with liquid whipping cream, enabling it to be aerated rapidly under pressure, leading to the production of whipped cream that is significantly quicker and more voluminous than what could be achieved through manual whipping. However, it is essential to recognize that their use is regulated under the Medicines and Poisons Regulations 2016 due to potential misuse associated with inhalation, which can lead to serious health risks including hypoxia, asphyxiation, heart attack, and in extreme cases, fatality.

Western Australian businesses that supply or sell cream chargers must therefore ensure they are adhering to the strict guidelines set forth by the state’s legislation. Retailers are required to monitor purchases to prevent bulk buying that might signal misuse and are encouraged to report suspicious activity. Furthermore, penalties for misuse or unauthorised supply can be severe, reflecting the seriousness with which these regulations are enforced.

For those in the food service industry, proper training and knowledge in the operation and storage of cream chargers are paramount to guarantee safety and compliance. By adhering to these regulations and promoting responsible usage, Western Australian vendors can continue to provide culinary professionals with the tools they require, while also safeguarding public health and preventing the misuse of these potentially hazardous substances.

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