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We also sell N2O in bulk. For more information on bulk sales, see our information about wholesale N2O chargers


Nitrous oxide whip cream chargers bulbs  are small steel cylinders that contain food grade nitrous oxide (N2O) gas. 

Nitrous oxide can be used for a number of different applications which may include:

  • medical (sedation)
  • motor vehicles  (as a additive to the fuel)
  • food industry (for preparation of food products)

The nitrous oxide cream chargers sold on this site are for the preparation of food products.

Whip cream chargers are used to whip various food products such as cream, mousses and sources.

Nitrous oxide n2o can also be used for infusing flavours into alcohol (for cocktails etc..) or brine (pickling).

In catering nitrous oxide is a specialty gas and is usually used in kitchen utensils such as cream whippers as a foaming agent such as for whipping cream, mousses and sauces. 

This involves putting tiny gas bubbles into these products so that they become light and fluffy.

You must be over 18 year old to purchase cream chargers from us.

Yes, If you are over 18 years old, anyone can purchase laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for food purposes. 

Order here on our online shop and get nitrous oxide chargers delivered to your home.

Prices of laughing gas / nitrous oxide tanks depend on the size, quantity and brand. See the product above for prices.

Yes, you can buy nitrous oxide online here at our online store.

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