What do you put in a whipped cream dispenser?

Whipping cream with a whipped cream dispenser is very easy but you need to use the right type of cream that contains enough fat content.

Full Cream

Cream with anywhere from 27%-36% milk fat works best. You can use full cream, heavy cream, thickened cream or whipping cream.

You can also add sweeteners and flavors.

Whipped Cream chargers

The other key ingredient that you need to put into your whipped cream dispenser after adding the other ingrediencies is the gas from a whipped cream charger. This will whip the cream.

Whipped cream sweeteners

Sweeteners like powdered sugar or or even artificial sweeteners. Sugar with a small grain size is best to avoid clogging the whipped cream dispenser’s nozzle. Also, make sure that you mix them into the cream.

Whipped cream flavoring

Flavors like vanilla or various fruit flavors can make the whipped cream taste nice.  Now days you can even buy cream chargers that contain various flavors in them.

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